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House Passes Cyber Diplomacy Act

January 17, 2018
Press Release
Contact: Scott Weldon (202) 225-4215

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 3776, the Cyber Diplomacy Act, introduced by Representative Ed Royce (CA-39) on September 14, 2017. This legislation would implement an international cyberspace policy that requires the President to pursue specific objectives in bilateral and multilateral relations, including securing and implementing international commitments on responsible state behavior in cyberspace based on accepted norms. The guiding principle behind the cyberspace policy is the advancement of democratic principles and the rejection of attempts by authoritarian regimes to exert more control and censorship over the internet.  Additionally, the legislation establishes an Ambassador for Cyberspace to lead the State Department’s cyber diplomacy efforts and directs the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to advance the United State’s international cyberspace policy. Similar legislation, H. Res. 200, was introduced in the House on March 16, 2017, by Representative Taylor, which calls on the Administration to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity policy that clearly defines acts of aggression, acts of war, and other related events in cyberspace, including any commensurate responses to any such act or event

“We are at a historical juncture, where our defense platforms, information networks, and response systems are becoming increasingly digitized,” said Congressman Scott Taylor. “Data is the currency of the Information Age. If we hope to continue to be and help write rules as, a global authority on cyberspace issues, America needs to engage the international community and recognize that our limits are defined by our cyber capabilities. This bill opens a discussion about what America’s role in the digital age should be, and how we can work with our allies to promote democratic principles across the internet and around the world".


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