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Rep. Taylor Statement on AG Sessions Mandatory Minimum Enforcement

May 15, 2017
Press Release
Contact: Scott Weldon (202) 225-4215

I urge Attorney General Sessions to rethink his current stance. It’s been proven that the entire “Tough on Crime” use of mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses does not work. New techniques and policy surrounding prevention and recidivism reduction has shown to be effective.  We have also seen a greater return on federal and state investment in strategies to reduce recidivism and increase public safety, as well as to reduce corrections cost for state and local governments. Further, we are hurting our minority populations in a disproportionate manner. It is a failure of justice to prevent nonviolent drug offenders from paying their dues, regaining their sacred constitutional rights, and becoming productive members of society. This does not simply hurt these individuals, but our nation as well. I believe that helping nonviolent offenders get a second chance is a step in the right direction.


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